Video Analysis: Paxton Lynch is a certified bust

If your team ends up drafting Paxton Lynch they will be in the quarterback market again in 2-3 years. The video shows that he has a big arm, he’s tall, and when guys are open he hits them. However, he doesn’t see the field with anticipation which is the number one thing that quarterbacks need to succeed at the NFL level. He holds the ball too long and doesn’t get rid of it at the top of his drop. His real accuracy, hitting guys in stride and with good ball placement is lacking as well. He’s enticing and warrants a third day back, but this potential first rounder has bust written all over him.

The throw is on time, but low and away from the receiver which leads to the incompletion. We see this problem with ball placement in many of Lynch’s throws.

Again, he doesn’t throw accurately or with touch. He tries to throw a 97 mph fastball unnecessarily. It’s also placed poorly which leads to an incompletion

He holds the ball too long. This is indicative of him now being able to throw with anticipation. Quarterbacks with this trait usually need a receiver to be wide open to pull the trigger. They don’t see routes with anticipation and don’t throw to a spot. In the NFL this is a must as the windows are small. Here Lynch holds the ball in a clean pocket and it leads to a sack.

A bit of fool’s gold here. They roll the pocket for him and he hits a receiver pretty open. This is a good throw, however not indicative of NFL ability. This doesn’t differentiate Lynch.

Not a great deep ball. This play action is also a major staple of Memphis and allows receivers to run more free then Lynch will see at the NFL level.

Again, he holds the ball too long. Doesn’t see the field. Sack.

This touchdown shows some of the plus traits you hear about Lynch. He’s athletic for his size and he can deliver the ball on the move. However, he again takes to long to get the ball out. At the next level he probably won’t experience the same result on this play.

Lynch just doesn’t care about ball placement. He doesn’t get it. We see it on all his short throws. He rather show off his cannon then put his receivers in a better position. There are a lot of side to side throws in this offense as well which inflate Lynch’s numbers.

Lynch doesn’t show the touch and accuracy necessary to make NFL throws. His completions are robotic and systematic. We consistently see the inability and creativity necessary to complete this kind of pass.

Ball placement costs him. Again, a throw way too hard and poorly placed.

This is a good pass, but it doesn’t tell us anything. It’s out quick, but most any NFL level passer can make this throw.

Poor ball location at the goal line. He doesn’t see the defense. This is a fear for quarterbacks that run this type of offense, they are used to receivers running free and when challenged with defense they do not possess the ability to make accurate throws.

This is a good pass. It’s isolated, but very good. It does come off of a read option type action, however, Lynch manipulates the defense with his eyes and makes the toss.

We’re beating this to death, but his ball placement sucks. It leaves so much to be desired. Honestly, he isn’t very accurate.

This is an NFL throw. On time and outside the numbers. Off of a play action and not a drop back, but the throw is pretty.

This is why he will be over drafted. There aren’t many quarterbacks in the world that can physically make this throw. However, this a nice party trick in my opinion. You don’t sacrifice the basics to oo and ah at this throw.

Another very good throw. I actually really like this. He is on the run and I’d like to see it from the pocket, but great footwork and placement on this throw. He does have a huge arm which is a not a necessity, but nice.

If he makes this throw on purpose this is phenomenal. The other throws don’t suggest he has that ability, but 40 yards down the field to the sideline suggests this guy is worth a shot.

Accuracy issues are a common theme for Lynch

In the end, Lynch makes a few good throws, but the negatives on him are too large to gamble on him in the first round. He does not seem to possess accuracy or anticipation that the NFL level necessitates. He has a huge arm, which is easily the most overrated quarterback requirement (you only need an arm that is strong enough, once you pass a certain threshold the significance is diminished). Lynch makes power throws that tantalize, however it is that standard ones that require touch and precision that leads us to make comparison to Nick Foles and Brock Osweiler. He has a place as an NFL back-up and warrants a round 3 to round 5 pick, however any team picking him in the first round will be looking for another quarterback in a similar draft slot in a few years.



4 thoughts on “Video Analysis: Paxton Lynch is a certified bust

  1. Hes gonna be a stud if the Bills get him and he works with Greg Roman.

    Im hoping they draft Lynch, fire Rex and make Roman HC.

    He’s made Kaepernick and now he’s made Tyrod.


  2. ha guess so, or da admin iz busy sucKing sAme dong and Shit. aH’m just gonna go back ta rotoworld fo’ some Titans coverage peep this shit


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