ESPN is Helping the Redskins Screw Kirk Cousins

Adam Schefter, for the second time in two weeks, tweeted “Breaking News” regarding Kirk Cousins and his negotiation with the Redskins franchise.

Last week Scheffer reported the team and Kirk’s representatives were no longer in negotiation…a statement he quickly back peddled from and qualified. It’s evident someone in the Redskins front office wants this news to get out and circulate in order to get Kirk to play ball.

Why would ESPN and Schefter do this? Why would they act as pawns for the Redskins?Aside from the cushy relationship the network and the NFL enjoy and the fact that one of their employees is the brother of the Redskin’s head coach, perhaps they did this in exchange for future tips? Hmm…

…A few minutes later, Schefter gathered this little tidbit.

Remember, last off season it was new ESPN reporter Diana Russini who was called out by Redskin’s GM Scott McGloughan’s wife for exchanging breaking news for “favors”. The latter part was a tad Jerry Springer; however could Russini, a former DC reporter, be the intermediary between Schefter and the Redskins front office?

On the Redskins front, whoever is leaking this knows that in order to use ESPN as their own personal billboard, they have to sandwhich credible information to offset false information they float out to gain an upper hand with Kirk.

For Kirk and his agent, what the Schefter report does is instill doubt. For a player who made less than $1 million last year it adds perhaps a willingness to accept a bit smaller long term deal. Hopefully, Kirk and his agents see through this tactic and stay the course.

In the end, a quick look at the laundry list of Redskins quarterbacks this century lets you know the deal needs to and will get done. Many of Kirk’s teammates have come out in support of a long term contract. Alas, wide receiver Pierre Garcon said it best:





Kirk “Pay The Man” Shirt


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