Brady to Edelman: “Everyone F*cking Hates Us, Let’s Win It All Next Year”

This story was making the rounds today as posted by Barstool Sports. Apparently Brady, after being booed at the Super Bowl angrily texted this to Julian Edelman. The embattled Edelman begrudgingly announced to his Super Bowl party the following text from Tom:

“Everyone fucking hates us, let’s win it all next year”

Here is how the party goer described the sequence:

“At some point, and this is where this blog becomes the certifiable stuff of sports talk radio, someone brought up how Brady responded to the boos at the Superbowl. If you don’t know, or didn’t watch, they called out all the Superbowl MVPs and when Brady came out they booed the hell out of him. Then Edelman gets out his phone and reads a text from Tom mother-bleeping Brady. His face got all serious and all the rumors that Edelman would kill someone for Brady seem to materialize. He said that he took it VERY personally and then read the text:

“‘Everyone fucking hates us. Let’s win it all next year.‘”

Two MAJOR takeaways from this not proven, but very plausible story:

  1. Everyone doesn’t hate you Tom. Everyone doesn’t hate you Patriots fans. Frankly, get over yourselves. People don’t hate Tom any more than Manning (Eli or Peyton), Brees, Rodgers or Newton. Patriots fans, and Barstool, if you’ve ever read it, will soon enough be using this as a battle cry and have it plastered across t-shirts.
  2. This is why Brady is great. That chip on his shoulder is so big and real. He wants it more, just like every great athlete ever has. He has the Jordan stare and the Tiger focus. The man has 4 super bowl rings. Every passing year, the barber shop argument for the GOAT becomes harder and harder to make against Brady…and he sends this text??  This guy gets it. Just as telling is Edelman’s reaction to the boos and his general’s proclamation. It’s all part of his competitive desire to win. This text embodies what has allowed Brady to persevere and his career to main the longevity at its peak. You can dislike Brady, but I have no doubt he believes every letter of that text.






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3 thoughts on “Brady to Edelman: “Everyone F*cking Hates Us, Let’s Win It All Next Year”

  1. Just last week at the QB Club Tom was like oh sorry Eli you can’t sit here – it’s the 4 rings only table. So me and Peyton made our own special table…gotta have a five finger forehead. What now Tom? We’re special too!


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