Video Analysis: Carson Wentz will be the #1 Pick

Carson Wentz, North Dakota State-6’5″ 232 Lbs- Redshirt Senior 

Carson Wentz is by far the best passer in this draft class. The knock on him will be level of competition because the tape shows he can make every throw. Yet, having the ABILITY to make every NFL throw translates from any level. If a quarterback can throw on time, in rhythm, accurately, and place the ball to help his receiver, that talent will work on any football field. Wentz doesn’t have the strongest arm, but as we will state over and over again in our draft analysis videos, arm strength is the most overrated aspect of analyzing and grading quarterbacks.

With all of this said, we challenge you to overlook the talent he plays against and look at the throws he makes which illustrate why he will be the #1 pick before its all said and done (yes, someone is moving up to get him).

Watch this throw on repeat. Look at ball placement and when the ball is released. This is an NFL throw with anticipation and rhythm.

Timing and ball placement. He throws it very well to the outside of the reciver.  Very plus play. Wentz made this completion more than the receiver did.

Now this throw is a product of playing with lesser talent, but it’s not a bad throw and an NFL receiver would do more with it. Wentz sees what his receiver doesn’t, demonstrating his next level vision which too often led to incompletions on his stats.

Again, he didn’t hold the ball too long and got it out accurately to the perfect spot. This is also an on target throw outside the hash marks, a trademark that often differentiates passers in the NFL.

Just wow. This throw is what will shoot him up the draft boards. He can make every throw.

This throw highlights one of his shortcomings, he doesn’t have the rocket arm to throw with power off his back foot, but he does possess intelligence and touch to read defenses enough to find the open guy. Wentz consistently sees the field well.

Again, sees the defense and makes a throw on time, in rhythm and places the ball in the right spot.

He is also more athletic than you think.

Deep ball. Watch him look off the DB.

Back shoulder. Again, this is an elite throw that most first round QBs can’t make. It takes vision, anticipation and spacial intelligence.

Ball placement, ball placement, ball placement. Arm strength is overrated when you can make these valuable throws.

He goes through is progression and delivers a pass on time and accurately to his receiver. Note the ball placement and his rhythm in the pocket. He doesn’t get happy feet when the first read isn’t there.

Did I mention he is athletic? Not something we grade QBs off of, but it’s a nice perk.

This throw is more about answering, does the quarterback go down the field? A few years ago, Blaine Gabbert went in the top 5 with a high completion percentage. Go look at his tape at Missouri and in Jacksonville, he is “Captain Check Down”. What this tells me is that the guy doesn’t see anticipation, so I always look to see if the QB is pushing the ball down the field. These aren’t just balls thrown over top of the defense, but also down the field in between defenders, utilizing angles.

And the signature Brady sneak to cap it off.

To summarize, Wentz is a prospect a hair below Bortles and Carr, as far as recent draft prospects go, but he is in that class. I would put him on par with Winston, if not slightly ahead of him based on the flashes of incredible throws that Wentz demonstrates.



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