Goodell Performs Alleged Manning Act on ESPN 

Commissioner Goodell has figuratively positioned his genitalia on the face of the four letter network.

We have clearly stated in our post yesterday that the Manning story should be taken with a large grain of salt. This tweet also happens to come from a section of the country (New England) still bitter at ESPN for negligently (and eventually proven to be inaccurate) reporting, via a league source at that, the tweet that led to the snowballing of  “Deflategate”.


But this tweet still beckons the questions of why a network obsessed with any and every gimmick and bit would muzzle its employees on commenting about this raging headline? Why were they so quick to report on one NFL team and star player and not Peyton Manning. Why was the league willing to throw Tom Brady under the bus, but jumped in front of Peyton Manning’s bullet? I’m not one to sit around with my tin foil hat on, but it does give some merit to the many conspiracy theorists out there, many of which reside in the north east part of the country.


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