Author of Peyton Manning Sexual Assault Story Has a Racially Driven Bias

Shaun King, writer at the New York Daily News released  a damning story of a cover-up of a sexual assault by Manning and the subsequent character assault designed to bury Peyton’s accuser.

Shaun King is a civil rights activist, a supporter of the “Black Lives Matter” movement (although he has been shunned by many leaders of the movement), and as proclaimed on his social media page, a Bernie Sanders Supporter, but Mr. King has a clear agenda against Peyton.

His last article on Manning was about “White Privilege in Sports” which followed the story of “Racial Double Standards in the NFL”. Just prior to that he writes a story bout Bill Romonowski’s referral to Cam Newton as a “boy” was racist.

This article uses a 74 page “court document” drafted by the lawyers of the accuser to demonize Manning and reach conclusions of guilt.

In a week where Super Cam, who was quickly rising as a hero in the black community was being torn down, Shaun King took it upon himself to come to the rescue and even the playing fields. I am not arguing the facts of the alleged assault, but to be clear, the article posted is not journalism. It is very one-sided and written to tear down a prominent white athlete for the sake of what Mr. King apparently sees as an eye for an eye.

Just take a look at his tweets in reference to Peyton prior to writing his story:





These are just a few examples. Shaun King clearly wanted to break Peyton down so he could justify his stance that race is the culprit in the different treatment of the two Super Bowl Quarterback. In his obvious prejudice against Peyton due to the color of his skin he wrote what could have been an enlightening article but turned into  an almost slanderous piece of work. Here are some very one-sided quotes from his piece:

“it’s doubtful that Peyton would have ever been the “swell, golly, gee-whiz” pitchman for Nationwide Insurance, DirecTV or Papa John’s Pizza. Certainly, evangelical op-eds calling him “squeaky clean” and positioning Peyton as the arbiter of all things good and decent in the world”

“perhaps wanting to put their stamp on the incident in Knoxville before it ever reached the public, they threw Naughright under bus.

“Peyton Manning continues to benefit from his reputation not only as a superstar quarterback, but also an individual of high moral character. In fact, he has reaped tens of millions of dollars in endorsement deals based on a fraudulent mystique he’s cultivated as a good guy, an upstanding citizen, the ideal professional athlete.

This document alone puts the lie to all this.”

The stretching of facts in the article only compounds the one-sided presentation of facts by King. He makes leaps to come to his conclusion and as of this morning it seemed the internet was forming an opinion based on that of Mr. King. This all allegedly started from a Google search by King to see if there were any legs to the story he had got wind of. This led me to do the same on Mr. King and an equally disturbing set of stories emerged.


As recent as 3 months ago King was accused of pilfering money from the “Black Lives Matter” movement. Combined with questions or his race and claims that he had made he was excommunicated form the movement by several of its leaders. 

An article titled “The Jig Is Up: Shaun King Tried To Get Sassy On Twitter And Everyone Started Demanding Receipts” also proves to be an interesting read on Shaun King.

Whether it was to save face with his friends who had recently shunned him or the evidently extreme viewpoints he carries. It is easy to see that this “journalist” had an incredible bias and agenda in going after Peyton Manning. I have a feeling that if this article continues to pick up steam like it has, Mr. Manning’s lawyers will have the same fortitude in going after Shaun King.

Here is the original story 




7 thoughts on “Author of Peyton Manning Sexual Assault Story Has a Racially Driven Bias

  1. This is ridiculous. Why are you making a story about sexual assault (stop saying ‘it’s just teabagging!!’ you disgusting misogynists) about the author? He literally quotes pages from an OFFICIAL COURT DOCUMENT for every fact. I’ve never been so glad to not live in America, where a delusional need to have athletes be heroes is more important than recognising Peyton messed up, and then lied about it in court on two separate occasions, and then wrote about it in a book!


  2. Sounds to me like a lil cunning white girl trying to make some quick, big cash! And Shaun King is trying to push his “agenda against peyton” campaign to the national news and ESPN, and he has done so successfully! Peyton made mistakes, but Cam Newton walks out of a press conference after the biggest game of his career and gives one word replies and then gets MAD AT THE MEDIA” AND walks out of the press conference and not even answer the last question he was asked? SUPERMAN TO SUPER KID! INMATURE IS WHAT CAM IS AND HE CHOKED IN HIS FIRST BIG GAME, when that Denver defense put him on his ass 5 or 6 times, Von Miller and Demarcus Ware ate him alive. Wade Phillips changed and switched up his defensive calls so much, Carolina never knew what hit em, and Cam, SUPERMAN, didn’t look to super anymore. In fact, he looked ordinary, but he’s getting bashed so bad, and the media is on his ass so bad, SHaun King has played his black trump card to protect SUPERMAN, and tarnish a historic career of one of the best QBS to ever play the game. And the black panther, Beyonce halftime show. Now that was a black thing 4 sure! Last qb besides RUSSELL WILSON TO WIN A SUPER BOWL WAS DOUG WILLIAMS…….



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