The Guy Responsible for Unionization in College Football is the First Signing by the LA Rams

images (2)The LA Rams signed former Northwestern Wildcat standout Quarterback Kain Colter today. This was the first signing by the franchise since moving to LA. After finding out first hand about the use and dispose nature of college football, his verbal commitment by Stanford was pulled after he hurt his shoulder his senior year of highs school, Colter became the face of the Northwestern football program’s effort to unionize, which they were granted. He is co-founder and sits on the board of the College Athletes Players Association (CAPA).

I’m sure that this was a football move, but Colter was a guy who ruffled so many feathers at Northwestern and disturbed the NCAA machine. For the Rams to jeopardize the NFL’s cushy relationship it maintains with its no cost minor league system to any degree is eyebrow raising at the least.

Colter has shown a knack for leadership and you don’t rally a locker room and garner the respect of a university with the standards that Northwestern carries without having some outstanding leadership qualities and work ethic. Who’s to say he won’t carry that to the NFL level and even if his on field performance may not warrant it, his access to NFL players and the opportunity to gain their trust could easily lead to headaches for the NFL during the next labor meetings.

Even more peculiar is that it is the LA Rams, who were just gifted the second biggest market in the NFL by the owner’s that would execute the potentially risky move.


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