Top 3 NFL Backups

NFL GMs are people too. Everyone wants to be the one to get the notoriety. So often, they go into the draft to get their guy. This is why NFL draft picks trade at a premium on the NFL market and especially those picks that are utilized on NFL quarterbacks.
images QBs are rare so they are always over drafted because of the supply and demand nature of that market. However the price is steep and it is akin to buying a overvalued stock. Although the product his hot and trendy, you may be over paying. That is where smart GMs in the past have sought a cheaper alternative. That is how you can build an efficient team.
Get something good at a reasonable price and see if you can find value. A discount pile so to speak. Back up quarterbacks. Let other teams spend the pick. Let the quarterback sit on someone else’s bench for years. Let it get hold. Let the luster fade and then swoop in and buy low. Here are some quarterbacks that NFL teams should target in a poor draft class that fit that bill.

Mike Glennon- Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Glennon is 26 years old and was the 3rd round pick of the Bucs in the 2013 draft. He has played sporadically, but with a very bad Bucs team. He also wasn’t given a fair shot as Josh McCown was brought in by Lovie Smith and when he did relinquish the job to Glennon, it was ripped away by Lovie Smith who wanted his guy. Over his career Mike has a meager 59% completion percentage however, 29 TDs and 15 interceptions over 19 games (not 19 full games) is fairly impressive for a young passer. What we look for in young passers is the ability to flash. Do they show something you can build on? In Glennon’s case, with Winston in place, he is a high buy low candidate.

Team that should target him: Los Angeles Rams or Cleveland Browns

Chase Daniels- Kansas City Chiefs

This has everything to do with value. Chase was the second highest paid back-up in the NFL this season (RGIII doesn’t count because he was paid to start), but for a starting QB he is still severely under paid. He has studied under Drew Brees and learned from QB whisperer Andy Reid for the last 3 years of his career. He has been around for 7 years and never received a shot as a starting QB, however with Alex Smith’s success and Aaron Murray is being developed as a future backup to Alex Smith. The Chiefs have too much depth at this position and one could be plucked at a reasonable price by a savvy GM.

Team that should target him: Houston Texans or Philadelphia Eagles

Tyler Bray- Kansas City Chiefs

I admittedly have been on this band wagon for a long time. Bray was a productive passer at Tennessee, but his intangibles were terrible. You look at his highlights and you see some very poor, inaccurate throws, but what enticed me and Andy Reid are the good throws. Tyler Bray makes throws that the top 1% of passers in the NFL can make. When he gets in a rhythm, he makes them consistently and looks like he should’ve been the #1 overall pick in his draft class. The trouble was he could not string them together and went undrafted. He currently resides behind Alex Smith, Chase Daniels, and Aaron Murry on the depth chart. This means the Chief’s would cut him right? He also just tore his ACL last off season, so they definitely will cut him right? He is also on the non-football injury list so they didn’t even have to pay him for the ACL injury so they definitely are going to cut him right???? Wrong! They gave him a two-year $1.925 million extension. The kid can play. NFL teams don’t act this way because someone is a nice guy, or a great locker room guy. Your 4th string quarterback doesn’t get an extension unless you have something. The trouble here is if another GM sees this, what would you have to give up to get him since the Chief’s obviously have a relatively high value on this player. A team looking for a back-up or someone looking for bodies to compete for a starting QB would be a perfect opportunity for Bray. Why overspend in later rounds for an unproven commodity when the chiefs are telling you they have something that is NFL ready.

Team that should target him: Washington Redskins or New York Jets


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