Face of LA?

The NFL is back in LA and the U-Hauls are on their way west. Les Snead has his directive from Mr. Kroenke: find the face of the LA Rams. Stan Kroenke owns the seconds biggest market in America and he needs the signal caller who can flourish under those lights. He needs the guy who can handle Hollywood and the allur
e of the glamour while commanding respect and leading his locker room. This decision will determine the fate of the franchise and most certainly Les Snead and coach Jeff Fisher. So where does he turn.images (1)

Option 1: Stay with what you have

Nick Foles and Case Keenum are not the answers, but does Jeff Fisher know that? He seems like he may be too smug to admit he was wrong in trading Bradford for Foles although they did net a 2nd rounder this year. They may decide to stay strong. Too much change for the franchise as it is. St. Louis to LA. The team has enough change they are dealing with, no need to uproot the quarterback position. Maybe the opt for consistency and hope one of those guys develops, although not likely.  

Option 2: Retread Veteran

Peyton Manning. Adam Schefter reported this week the Rams want him and why not? There’s a guy who shares his last name currently in the #1 media market in America, why not put the first family of football center stage in New York and LA? This is a big if of course and we’ll probably know if Manning even wants to come back by the end of the week. If he does, then then LA may easily be his landing spot. However there is the chance that Peyton doesn’t want that limelight. Tennessee, Indiana and Denver aren’t really the mega centers of media. Peyton hasn’t opted for that, but then again, if his advertisement career is any indication, he doesn’t shy away from the spotlight. His knack for TV may fall perfectly with the potential move to LA. Other guys may be possible here as well if Peyton says no. Jay Cutler and Drew Brees (move back to California) are two names that come to mind.

Option 3: Young backup

RG3 anyone? Does that trade come full circle? Does Jeff Fisher pull the ultimate troll move and bring in Robert to be the face of the franchise?  Or is it Johnny Manziel, before his latest implosion that may have proved to be more viable. Colin Kaepernick may remind Jeff Fisher of Steve McNair to bring him in. Maybe it’s a young backup on a team with a proven starter. They could look to pry away Ryan Nassib who sits behind Eli or Mike Glennon sitting behind Jameis Winston. This doesn’t have the flash as some of the other options unless you go with the first couple guys mentioned, but they don’t seem to have the ability that could maintain the staying power needed for the LA QB.

Option 4: Rookie

At first glance this rookie class looks week. Carson Wentz generated some buzz last week which faded with his performance in the Senior Bowl game. I think it will pick back up and I think before it’s over he will generate serious #1 pick buzz however for the time being that may not be sexy enough. Jared Goff and Paxton Lynch are bigger school prototype QBs that will generate buzz; especially Goff who played for Cal. They have a bit more in assets to move up from 13 to go get a guy they like that may be falling or if they are patient and want value. Conner Cook or an infatuation with Cardale Jones or may lead to a second round investment. This may be a likely scenario as the flash of the LA move may warrant a young face of the franchise. The worry for Rams fans may be the over investment as a PR move to trot out a fresh face over the most capable player available.


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